High performing
marketing tech

designed in sunny Barcelona

Our reason to be

As marketers are overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of the digital marketing world, our work stands to make their lives easier, their job more productive and their budgets more efficient through high-performing marketing tech platforms.

We love to sail over the trendiest internet waves such as native and mobile advertising, inbound marketing, social WiFi and performance advertising by mixing a propietary technology platform, big doses of creativity and a deep understanding of the digital world, because we feel this is what a digital partner should look like today.

Manage your inbound, convert more

Communify is our inbound marketing management platform. Through a unique widgets system and a premium affiliated publishers network, Communify helps marketers convert paid and organic traffic into qualified leads in smart ways.

Guest WiFi becomes smart

Beecells is our WiFi-based marketing platform. We manage brick&mortar retailers WiFi networks that enhance customer data and performance strategies. WiFi is an underused asset that generates fast results when appropriately activated and this is what Beecells stands for.


Best-in-class marketing agencies offer added value solutions to their clients through our marketing solutions. If you’re an agency specialised in performance, inbound, content, SEO or email marketing and want to increase your offering portfolio, we have a solution that fits you.

Our team

The Please team is made up of former Top Tier business executives, software engineers, data scientists, online marketing specialists and key account managers to simply deliver results

Nic Olivé

Former global Retail & IT VP at Mango

David Gràcia

Business Development
Former Innovation VP at CatalunyaCaixa

Jordi Garreta

Partners Manager
Former Digital Manager at WeberShandwick (MacCann Group)

Xavi Serradell

Switzerland region
Former Sourcing VP at Mango

Oriol Martínez

Business Manager
Inbound marketing services

Stanis Zamora

Media Partners
Inbound marketing services

Dídac Arnau

Business ops and quality

Lorena López

Client manager
Data analytics projects

Xavi Maroñas

CTO, Beecells
iOS ninja and integrations

Christina Baptista

Client Manager
Wi-Fi marketing services

Julia García

Finance and HR director 

Edu Molins

Senior developer
Android developer and integrations

Helena Rangel

Advertising manager
Inbound marketing services

Pitu Sabadí

CTO, Communify
Product owner, Fullstack developer

Xevi Fuster

Backend Lead
Communify platform

Alex Lopez

Fullstack developer
Stats architect

Iona Manyoses

Senior designer
Frontend design manager

Edu Ortega

Frontend Engineer
Communify Scrum master

Mónica Bogas

Client Manager
Inbound marketing services

Albert Serra

Backoffice manager
Facilities and team services