The power of
data-driven marketing

Our reason to be

As marketers and CMO’s are becoming data scientists, we’re proud to help them turn business data into actionable insights and build smart customer acquisition strategies. We mix a unique technology platform, some doses of creativity and a deep understanding of the digital world, because we feel this is what a marketing partner should look like today.

We ❤️ Performance advertising

Communify is our performance advertising platform. Throughout our unique rich-media display format and our affiliated publishers network we reach a qualified and massive audience of potential prospects and new customers all over Europe and Latam. We build and fine-tune a dedicated customer acquisition network for each of our clients

We ❤️ Data integration

PunkyD is our data integration platform. A solid lead acquisition strategy is the first step towards a healthy customer lifetime value but isolated data silos are marketers nightmares. We integrate sales and marketing data into a single CRM and deliver mobile dashboards to manage sales flows on the go

We ❤️ WiFi networks

Beecells is our WiFi-based customer analytics, profiling and acquisition platform. We manage brick&mortar retailers WiFi networks that enhance customer data and performance strategies. WiFi is an underused asset that generates fast results when appropriately activated and this is what we stand for


Best-in-class marketing agencies offer added value services to their clients through our technology platform. If you’re an agency focused on eCommerce, mobile, retail or events planning and want to increase your offering portfolio, we have a solution that fits you.

Our team

The Please team is made up of former top executives, software engineers, data scientists, online marketing specialists and key account managers to simply deliver

Nic Olivé

CEO. Former global Retail & IT VP at Mango

David Gràcia

Business Development. Former Innovation VP at CatalunyaCaixa

Jordi Garreta

CMO. Former Digital Manager at WeberShandwick (MacCann Group)

Xavi Serradell

Partner Swi/Aus/Ger. Former Sourcing VP at Mango

Oriol Martínez

Business Manager Wi-Fi marketing solutions

Stanis Zamora

Business Manager Wi-Fi marketing solutions

Dídac Arnau

COO. Business ops coordination and quality

Lorena López

Client manager. Data analytics projects

Xavi Maroñas

CTO, Beecells. iOS ninja and integrations Director

Christina Baptista

Client Manager. Wi-Fi marketing business ops

Julia García

CFO. Finance director, backoffice and HR 

Edu Molins

Senior developer. Senior Android developer and wireless integrations

Helena Rangel

Advertising manager. Responsable de publicidad

Pitu Sabadí

CTO, Communify. Sysadmin and Backend Director

Xevi Fuster

Senior developer. Sysadmin and Backend manager

Alex Lopez

Senior developer. Frontend and Analytics manager

Iona Manyoses

Senior designer. Frontend design manager

Clara Masip

Contents manager. Communify contents manager

Edu Ortega

Senior developer. Frontend development manager

Albert Serra

Backoffice manager. Facilities and team services